Thursday, April 17, 2014

Finds: Free Swap

So, a friend of mine recently told me I should blog about all my "finds," or better yet - all my free or super cheap treasures.  She shared that she finds inspiration in it.. goes.  =) 

I have always been a thrifter as I've loved vintage clothes and your general old things, but as a mom and home-owner, I've definitely been taking thrifting to a new level. A level that allows Kahea and I to save our money for things that matter-- like experiences, or family vacations, or emergencies.  I wish I was a better mathematician and could put a dollar amount to it, but I'm not--oh well.  I still know it's safe to say that through my frugality, I definitely save us hundreds of dollars on both things we want and need... Okay, more like things I want and need for us (Kahea is so simple). =P 

So here I go-- I'm going to start a series of my "finds," both free and/or dirt cheap.  =)  This first example is a little bit of a cop-out as all my mom and I did was go to an event called a "Free swap."  Thanks to my friend Nadine, I learned these existed and are great fun!  We went to one in Montclair maybe about a month ago.  Here is a picture of some of my finds. 

And all free.  Whaat? Yes. All free. 

Everything has been washed, cleaned, and/or stored away for future use.  I also got a gym mat for Kaliko's gymnastics sessions, along with this tricycle with push handle from the previous pictures of Kaliko and his "bite" (few posts below). I waited in a 20 minute line for that one, but well worth it for the joy my little boy gets when he 'rides' it around town. Anyway, consider it, my friends! Kids grow so fast, things are easily cleanable, and it's better for the environment.  How can you go wrong? Free swap today! =)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sneak a Peek!

I love decorating. Being pregnant adds yet another layer of fun for my life because I get the opportunity to change things up/redecorate and generally do stuff that makes me happy. So, with Aila (our baby girl) on the way, we've been slowly preparing her nursery according to my previous inspirations as I showed here.

So here's a sneak peek at what we've been up to!
More finished pictures to come soon!! And by soon, I may mean...  many weeks. =P Soon carries a new meaning on this blog. =P 

I love the distinct difference I feel when I walk from Kaliko's to Aila's room. As will be with their personalities, their rooms are so different in ambience and feel which makes me so excited to learn about the differences between raising a boy and a girl.  Even though I'm carrying some fear of the unknown in this upcoming birth, I am still so excited as Kahea and I expand our family and learn more about what love is.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photo shoot: "Bite"

For the 2 of you that read my blog, I have obviously been on a break from writing.  =P However, that doesn't mean I've been on a break from thrifting or decorating, or drinking in every precious moment of life that I possibly could. Being that I'm 33 weeks and preparing for both the "unexpected" arrival of our baby girl and for my being away at work, I have not had time to document [on the blog] all that continues to be beautiful around me. HOWEVER, I did have a recent photo-shoot with my little man capturing who he's become at 18 months: passionately happy, willfully mad, and wonderfully lovable!

My mom and I recently went to a "freecyle" event hosted in Montclair and it was pretty much awesome in all it's free-ness. I'll get to that in another post, but for now, check out this beaut that I picked up for Kaliko for nothing more than waiting on a 20 minute line (and God's providential hand since none of the other families before me took it- yay)! This Kettler tricyle was in great condition and normally retails for about $200 bucks!  I never thought I'd get one of these, partially because I didn't understand the whole push handle thing.. but for zero dineros, I'll take it! I imagined Kaliko would love it which he absolutely does.  He calls it his "bite," with a pretty nice emphasis on the "t". =)

[Starting the ride]
[At the end of our ride when my little body had about enough, 
Kaliko kept trying to get back on and luring me to bring him back out.]
 [He was not happy when we closed the gate to his "bite!"]
 [After work, daddy came out to take him around for another ride 
and then some good ol' chillin' on the stoop.]

I cherish my family.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Leftover Pizza

So, when the Williams' household has leftovers that I know we just won't eat, it will many times make it's way into a pizza. About a week and a half ago, I made chicken with mushrooms (which is a dish Kahea really likes). However, we had so much leftovers, that we had it as a leftover meal more than we'd both like. Instead of throwing it out, or letting it go bad..... I remembered--- PIZZA! It was chicken with onions and a chicken broth/parmesan sauce so it was perfect for an "italian" style pizza! I added some fresh garlic, fresh tomatos, dried basil, olive oil, and cheese, and BAM. Deliciousness! 
So just a little tip on a quick easy meal: make pizza from your leftovers! 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Just 2!

So I'm always pinteresting different meals to feed a toddler.  I never want to get monotonous, I want to feed my son nutritional stuff, and I want Kaliko to try a lot of different kinds of foods!  So, dinners and lunches seem okay for me, but breakfasts are always where I get stuck. It's so easy to cook eggs, scrambled with a bunch of different veggies (or plain) every morning... but my friend's daughter (same age as Kaliko) got sick of eggs from eating too much of them, so I don't want Kaliko to fall into that trap! Enter Pinterest and the amazing world of creative and inspiring souls. 

I found this EXTREMELY easy but yummmmmy 2 ingredient meal that Kaliko loves HERE:
I made them again today, and definitely improved them from the first time.  This time, I added a tiny bit of milk to make the texture a little softer and only added cinnamon sugar as my seasoning.  I also made them bigger, like real pancakes. Was sooo yummy! 
From this site, I discovered a couple other 2 ingredient recipes that I'm just going to HAVE TO try sometime soon:
My pinterest boards are bursting with stuff I so imagine I'd get the chance to do (but never will)... except for things as easy as recipes with only 2 or a few ingredients! I'm inspired to try some more. Will share as I do!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Love

Not only do I love reading books to children, especially my own.. I also love teaching reading, "trade books" (teacher term), and illustrations, and get the point. I think books are very important in the life of a child. I can remember my imagination expanding in the wee hours of the night as I'd read Nancy Drew novels or The Baby-Sitters Club! Anyways, I always wanted to start early with my little ones, as we did for Kaliko. Now I'm experiencing the fruits of starting young! This boy knows almost all of his "regular" books...from the tunes I would sing to the words coming up on the next page, he has picked up so much from what we started reading to him as a newborn.  With that, I was soooo excited when we walked into our local library today to see a book sale! All the books were 25 cents! Um. No brainer.  I think I picked up most of the board books, minus the damaged and shoddy. Not only did Kaliko make a friend at the library, he also scored some new additions to his personal library! 
Came home, wiped them down, and ended up reading his "new" Thomas book 5 times tonight! This boy loves his trains! and "beeps!" =) And just because I love him in his sleeping and in his waking, here are a couple recent shots from my Kaliko-overloaded IG:
Kaliko looves to lay on my belly and it's the cutest thing. I especially love it when he blows raspberries on the baby, or pulls my shirt down and says "ba-bye." My little man is going to be a big brother soon! aaah! =)

Extreme Clearance-er

So the new nursery is under way... slowly but surely! I've had such a fun time on pinterest getting inspiration, ideas, and overall excited.  While I think pinks and soft pastels are beautiful, especially for a sweet little girl (hoping she's sweet!), I wanted our baby girl's room to have a little more .... edge? I don't even think that's the right word.. but all I know is I just didn't want the room to only have pastel prettiness-  so, I'm opting to add in more whites and blacks.. and even gold.  Here are some of my inspirations

On top of the colors and feel of a more "mod" room, I also want to incorporate a lot of natural woods to keep it feeling classic and charming.  Here's a sneak peak as to one thing I picked up on sale from JC Penney.  It was so meant to be- because I have never been in a JC Penney's before until this time I walked in to exchange something I was gifted. Anyways, this piece was originally $195!  Guess how much I got it for? $9.97!! It was actually marked down that day (after several mark downs), as shared with the sales associate.  I was amazed.  Amazed.  It also comes with this "Edison" light bulb- which is a vintage classic- that usually goes for the price I paid!  I just love finding things that I love on extreme clearance (there should be a show called "Extreme Clearance-er")!
Kahea has now morphed back into an electrician as he's installing a switch into his old office. Old houses just don't have the convenience of having ceiling lights and light switches in all the rooms-- one of ours being the old office. It should be up and ready to go by the end of the week!